As we emerge from the depths of winter and step into spring…

As we slowly emerge from the depths of winter and step into spring, we have several membership incentives to help clubs spring into March and April. Spring is the time of year when the natural world starts to re-emerge and grow. As it is with clubs and Districts.
This is an important time to both recruit new members to your club and to start building new clubs, as we all start to look forward to the better weather. Hopefully we can start to meet physically either at club meetings or for social occasions in a local park as the weather gets better.

Note the Date

On 20th February we are running a Club Growth special webinar, with Elaine Watt, President of Worchester Speakers presenting a session on how the club has successfully recruited members in the last 12 months of pandemic and lockdowns. We will also be presenting some exciting news about a new video the District is making and a worldwide Toastmasters advertising campaign and your important role in this campaign.

Talk Up Toastmasters

To win this incentive a club needs to recruit 5 members between 1st February and 31st March. The first 25 clubs to gain 5 new members will win £50 to spend on advertising, social media, upgrade their website or hold a pizza party to celebrate their achievement. I’m pleased to announce that one club, Beckenham Communicators, has already won the award with several other clubs gaining three or four new members. I check for winners daily and announce them on several WhatsApp channels later the same day.

Early Payment Incentive

Once again, the Early Payment incentive is being run. The terms are same as they were in August when 24 clubs were successful. To win the first 25 clubs to renew more than 12 members will win £25 to spend on PR, advertising, as part payment towards their Zoom account costs etc. Three club have already won the award in the first 3 days of February, congratulations to Shilling Speakers, db Toastmasters and Accenture. To-date five clubs have won the £25 award for renewing more than 12 members until the end of September 2022.


The Happy New Member Incentive closed on 31st January.
I’m pleased to confirm that the following clubs have won the Happy New Member Award for January. Nine clubs successfully recruited three new members and won the £30 incentive award.

  • Bristol Central Speakers
  • Armada Speakers
  • Kent Speakers Club
  • Kings Cross Speakers
  • Wokingham Speakers
  • Manor House Speakers
  • Google UK Speakers
  • Lewisham Speakers Club
Congratulations to all nine clubs, an email with details on how to claim your £30 will be sent out in the next few days.

Video Star

In addition to the new District video, we will be relaunching the 45 second video advertising campaign later this month and details will be released later this month. Already it is great to see some clubs have made their own videos to promote themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.
Finally, a quick reminder that at the end of March the District will once again reward clubs who retain 80% of their existing membership and have 20 or more members on 1st April.

Diane Richardson,
District 91 Club Growth Director 2021/22