Excellence in Action

Florian Bay District Director

I am genuinely excited to see what the 2019/20 Toastmasters will bring to all of you in District 91. So far, the year started with a bang with numerous excellent Club Officer Training (COT) sessions and our first-ever District 91 filming day. The videos you’ve seen in our latest newsletter are some of the many that were filmed that day. All of this is part of our ambitious plans to inspire more members like yourself, with the possibilities that Toastmasters has to offer.

A lot of you know my passion for achieving excellence at all levels of our organisation. But excellence doesn’t mean achieving goals and milestones. Excellence is far more than that! 

Excellence is when you’re encouraging a new member to step-up and do a role for the first time.

Excellence is when you’re pushing your club to do better than last year on any metric or aspect.

Excellence is when somebody delivers a quality evaluation that builds members up, and inspires to come back for more!

If you are a club leader this year, I would like to invite you to plan ahead to make your club the best it can be. Make full use of the Club Success Plan template that Toastmasters provides. Note that you can also create your own document like Canary Wharf Communicators or London Victorians did. The only limits on what you can include in this document are those of your imagination.

Excellence is also about stretching your comfort zone. What inspires me so much about Toastmasters, is that it’s a never-ending learning journey of personal growth. Whether you joined Toastmasters last month or 20 years ago, there’s still something new to learn and more confidence to be gained. Personally, the confidence I gained at Toastmasters carried through in all areas for my life. Whether you joined Toastmasters recently or a while ago, don’t hesitate to push yourself and to expand your boundaries. A good way to do so is by visiting clubs through our Club Ambassadors Programme.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner