Pathways to Excellence

My fellow PQD from Eastern Europe, Lukas Liebich, made a very interesting point in a call a few days ago. He pointed out that Pathways project can be used by members to directly benefit their home clubs while learning new skills at the same time. It was not until I looked at what exactly Pathways can offer from Level 3 onwards that the penny dropped for me.

‘Develop a Communication Plan’ – ‘Planning and Implementing’ – ‘Public Relation Strategies’ – ‘Building a Social Media Presence’ – ‘Writing a Compelling Blog’

These are some of the many elective projects available from Level 3 onwards and that any member can choose to do to progress on the next step on their chosen learning path. Just think about what your club and members could do with these projects.

Is your club looking for help with PR? Then delegate to a member to work on as part of their ‘Public Relation Strategies’ Pathways.

Looking to organise a special event or an amazing contest? This sounds like it would be right up the street of somebody working on their ‘Planning and Implementing’ project.

Are you looking to promote an Open-house meeting of your club or do you just want more guests? ‘Building up a Social Media Presence’ might just be the right project for you!

I am personally looking forward to see what Pathways Level 3 will bring for me and my club. Just 4 more speeches to go before I get there 🙂

Confused about what projects are in which Path? The Pathways Companion Guide and the Pathways Project Catalog can help you.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner