Volunteer First

Many new initiatives aimed at fulfilling the 1 – 70 – 100 vision are about to be started in the coming weeks. You too can be a driving force in helping the District achieve this vision and become a better leader in the process. We are looking for volunteers to take on the following roles:

Corporate Liaison Officer – Would you like to expand your network in the corporate world and to be the face of Toastmasters in the corporate world? Join our team of experts supporting corporate clubs and open new doors for you in the business world! You will be responsible for visiting corporate clubs, organising networking events and corporate summits to support our corporate clubs and their leaders.

Training Committee Member – If you feel that current COT content is in need of improvement this is your chance to make it better. Join the team that will develop a set of high-quality COT training modules for District 91! These training modules will enable COT training to meet the needs of our club leaders and equip them with all the skills they need to do their roles to the best of their abilities. If you are looking to develop your training skills, this is the perfect role for you!

Webinar Coordinator – If you are keen to do more online presenting and online meeting facilitation, then this role is for you, as you will take ownership of one of the District’s webinar monthly streams. You will be liaising with webinar presenters, support the marketing of the webinars to our members and leaders and host the live webinars.

Jump in and be part of the team that launches new initiatives to support our members and leaders for the years to come!

Interested? Please get in touch with me.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner