Let’s Celebrate!!

By Janet Alkema

Woking Speakers in Area 14 is a vibrant, busy and active club.  With a regular membership in the 30s, Woking is constantly attracting new members.  I was recently invited to share in their 12 and a half year anniversary celebrations – which, to be honest, I did think a little strange. At the same time, though, Woking was celebrating getting their ribbons back as they had disappeared with a previous committee member.  I realised then that, for Woking, any opportunity for a celebration is one worth taking – and this I believe has led to the strength and vibrancy of their club.  Every year, Woking finds reasons for celebrations to add variety to their meetings from piping in the Haggis on Burns Night to regular summer BBQs. Also, in the spirit of encouraging Pathways sign up and involvement, Woking President, Tugce Yilmaz told me that they celebrated the first three people who registered with Pathways, inviting them on stage to receive their Pathways Pins and copy of the Navigator. Tugce explains that Woking is a club where members are strongly connected, often meeting outside the club and she believes this is one of the main reasons for the club’s growth and success!

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