Martin Berry DTM

Martin Berry 2014Martin Berry became the first person to achieve the ultimate accolade of Distinguished Toastmasters in our newly formed District 91(UK South). He is interveiwed by Bob Nisbet, DTM on our new member website.

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Before Toastmasters: I never guessed the speeches would be so personal, so entertaining, educational and often funny or uplifting. It was as good as going to the theatre.

Biggest thrill: the Woking Speakers’ Christmas Panto, “The Wizard of Niz”. which I wrote and directed for my HPL Project. It was an amazing experience to watch the players perform my words so brilliantly, and even better, the audience laughing their socks off. I just thought to myself: “They like it, they like it!! “.

Who was responsible for getting Martin to a Toastmasters club? The one and only Doug New!

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