By Nuala McHugh, Area 8 Director, Div B

As part of the initiative to strengthen the area and build stronger relationships, Area B8 has kicked off a new initiative for the Toastmasters 2018 – 2019 year; Megameetings. A Megameeting is where each club in the area host a special club meeting. This provides an opportunity where members across the area can make a special effort to both market and attend their neighbouring club.

Area B8 Area Director, Nuala McHugh, envisages many advantages to holding Megameetings in the area. For example, the audience would be bigger and the meeting atmosphere greatly enhanced. This will challenge members to conduct roles and speeches within a larger crowd environment with a set of new faces. Nuala also hope it will cement relations thereby bringing a greater community feel; engaging many new members who do not realise that there is a lot more to Toastmasters than their home club. We look forward to soaking up the vibes and the unique atmosphere that each club has!

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