Mind Set Match

by David Howarth, Area K12

Imagine, for a moment, you are a member of a fantastic management team in a great enterprise.

Many people would like to start their own business and be a successful entrepreneur. Others wish to step up the career ladder, one rung at a time, to the top. (Although as Steven Covey says in his book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, “be careful that when you get to the top, your ladder is against the correct wall”).

Again, imagine ourselves in the “team” running our enterprise, it can be small or large, depending on how many people are in the club. As a board we want to give value to our Investors (Dividends). We want to give direction in the way it is going. People join Toastmasters when they see a positive ROI (Return on Investment). They invest their time, money and energies. What does a TMI (Toastmaster’s Investor) want? WIIFM – what’s in it for me? Can I do the Programme? What will be the Dividend (Payoff) at the end? Will I have advice i.e. (Coaching and Mentoring)?

A district, area or club committee role is a fantastic opportunity to grow yourself and help those around you. Filling the essential functionary roles for meetings are further opportunities to get more out of Toastmasters and your personal investment. Many years ago, I went into a company and said we had a problem with the projector. I was told that we do not have problems we have challenges. In another company I said to my contact we have a challenge with the server, only to be told, we have opportunities not challenges here. TMI is filled with opportunities at every level. What opportunities will you grasp on your TM journey? Aptly called Pathways now.

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