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I write this as I reflect on the number of festivals coming up across the world that represent new beginnings. When you read this, it will probably be around Easter, a time for starting anew and another opportunity to revisit our own goals. If you are reading this, it very likely means that you’ve renewed your membership for another 6 months or you have recently joined us and therefore setting some learning goals.

In the next few weeks, the business meeting and elections of your club will take place. Have you considered the opportunity to step up or into a role to not only contribute to your club but also to learn something new? Earlier today I was in a conversation with one of the officers of my club asking them what they are intending to do for the next Toastmasters year. Some may make the assumption that they would automatically want to do the next committee role, but that may not be the case.

We were actually also discussing Youth Leadership in a local school or starting a new lunchtime club that would be fully online. Such are the learning opportunities available to us as part of our education program, if we look. I was recently challenged by a fellow District Leader to record an up-to-date ‘my why’ video so here it is

A summary of some of the cool stuff that has happened or is happening in the next few weeks:

  • A few more of our clubs have conducted ‘Speechcraft’ programs with a couple more planned for this month. Would you like to run one? Watch our latest testimonial here – Speechcraft – Transformation is your transaction – YouTube
  • We’ve now hit 40 clubs planning or holding Open House events with many feeding back how much they gained from it, be it experience or new members
  • Some of our corporate clubs have shown resilience and outstanding growth this year and we’ll be recognising 2 of them with special awards
  • We’re off to a Digital Village Fayre. It should be a fun day out for the members that are participating and an also a chance for us to be the brand ambassadors we are for this organisation
  • We had 16 winners of the Talk up Toastmasters challenge – a full list of winning clubs can be found here….

This doesn’t stop here however, to keep our clubs fresh and vibrant, we need guests and a steady stream of new members – who will you invite to your next meeting?

If you are a long-standing member, it might be time to record your why again. Chances are someone will be curious and want to know more about you. If you are a new member, your icebreaker speech is an opportunity to share your why. I wish you well whether you are starting or continuing your journey with us.

Rupa Datta – District 91 Club Growth Director 2020-2021

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