September Educational Awards – Congratulations!

awardThe following members have achieved communication and leadership awards in the month of September. Congratulations to all of you! What will your next step in your Toastmasters journey be?

Blackwood, Angus, CL, Berkhamsted Speakers Club
Bornstein, Justine, ACS, Excalibur Speakers
Brown, Les, CL, Wessex Speakers Club
Cooper, Philip, CC, Aylesbury Speakers
Daniell, Emma, CL, Canterbury Communicators Club
Delicata, Claire, CC, Thamesdown Speakers Club
Doza, Guy, CC, Woking Speakers Toastmasters Club
Dyer, Nadine, CL, The Speakers of Croydon Club
Ewa, Czapnik, CC, Speakers Corner
Ezera, Inga, CC, MLP London Bridge Speakers
Gonzalez, Alina, CL, Berkeley Square Speakers Toastmasters Club
Herjean, Josselin, CC, 1st London Toastmasters
Houghton, Jane, CL, City Limits Speakers
Hummel, Anna, CC, Guildford Speaker’s Club
Kaye, Shola, CL, City Limits Speakers
Kaye, Shola, CC, Grosvenor Square Club
Lottig, Marc, ACB, Berkeley Square Speakers Toastmasters Club
Lottig, Marc, CL, Berkeley Square Speakers Toastmasters Club
Marlor, Mike, CL, Farnham Speakers Club
Martin, Paul, CL, Farnham Speakers Club
McCann, Susan, ACB, Canterbury Communicators Club
McLoughlin, Elaine, ALB, Connected Speakers London
Millin, Alison, CC, Thamesdown Speakers Club
Murray, Richard, CL, Kent Speakers Club
Newton, Karen, CC, Voice of Wales
O’Leary, John, CC, City of London Toastmasters Club
O’Leary, Marge, CL, The Speakers of Croydon Club
Perraud, Jean-Philippe, CC, Phoenix Speakers
Rawlings-Smith, Hannah, ACB, County Communicators
Reid, Jasmine, CC, London Victorians
Segal, Jill, ALS, Grosvenor Square Club
Sharieff, Taha, CL, Connected Speakers London
Sharieff, Taha, CC, Connected Speakers London
Stewart, Robert, CC, Guildford Speaker’s Club
Vasaturo, Giovanna, CC, Experience French
Vo, Hien, CC, MLP London Bridge Speakers

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