Set your voice free with Beyond Toast

Ever listened to a podcast or the radio and thought I could do that? Now’s your chance as the Beyond Toast podcast is looking for guests. Set your voice free.

Beyond Toast is a podcast where Toastmasters/Public Speakers/Lovers of language are invited to discuss food in an engaging and light-hearted way. It is inspired by the challenge of adequately conveying the strong emotions typically evoked by the senses, particularly taste, through speech.

The discussion is wide-ranging but framed around food and the central role it plays in our lives, family and relationships. If you have ever eaten, you have all the expertise you need. If you enjoyed the experience enough to talk about it to friends, then you have the makings of a perfect guest.

Each episode fuses a discussion with a guest with selected examples of poetry and prose and typically lasts for ~25 minutes (perfect for the short commute). It is distributed weekly via popular podcast platforms.

It is a great opportunity to stretch yourself, develop your skills and take your Toastmasters journey in a fun and interesting new direction. If you are interested check-out an episode and if you are keen to take part contact the show at

Last Updated on 22nd September 2023 by Nikita Parks