St Paul’s Speakers Workshop 29 July – Mental Flexibility

From Florian Bay, Area 33 Director, President St Paul’s Speakers

St Paul’s Speakers will be holding a workshop on how to increase your mental flexibility on 29 July 2015. This workshop is from the Success Communication series. It will enable participants to become better thinkers, listeners, keener observers and more effective problem solvers. Participants will undertake a series of exercises on a range of topics. These include interpreting information in a more open-minded way through to thinking strategically.

All Toastmasters are welcome to attend!

When and where is the St Paul’s Speakers workshop?

This workshop will take part in St Paul’s Speakers venue of the Loose Cannon Pub located in 13-16 Allhallows Lane near Bank. Start time: 18h30 onwards. Date: Wednesday 29 July 29 2015.

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