Start 2018 with a Bang – by Florian Bay

Imagine a moment, it’s June 2018 and your club has had a brilliant year. You are overflowing with new members whose boundless energies led to the creation of countless new friendships and stories to remember for a lifetime! Pathways came and everyone is loving it so far, Toastmasters reimagined has arrived and your efforts in marketing it have paid off tremendously. Another open-house meeting is already on the cards for the summer and eagers members fancy a leadership challenge of a new sorts by launching a new club.

This story will become your story when your club will start 2018 with a bang as loud as sonic boom! There’s a lot you can do to make it happen and most of it is super simple, see below.


  • Friendliness goes a long way – Always welcome guests as they join your meetings. Do you remember your first Toastmasters meeting? You were perhaps nervous, scared and didn’t know what to expect. Remember how you may have felt and talk to guests as they arrive to welcome them.
  • Plan ahead special themed meetings – Valentine’s Day could provide a fabulous opportunity to organise a fun and vibrant meeting. Why not celebrate spring in your club by going out in the park and holding a meeting there? Why don’t you organise an “Open-house” meeting and liaise with the District to receive free guidelines, marketing materials and funding towards a venue?
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing! – Does your club has a website? If not then look at launching one. A club website only needs basic information such as meeting times and dates, why people should join, testimonials from members and how to join. Anything else is optional. Similarly, have the same information available on a Facebook, Google+ and Meetup page. Keep all of these updated with pictures so that they stay fresh and attractive. Also don’t forget good old reliable leaflets and posters; check out how to order materials with our service providers with Helloprint.
  • Keep track of what happens in the club – With the amazing easy-Speak is very easy to know who did what role or what speech when and to encourage people to complete leadership awards. Similarly, collect details of guests attending meetings and follow-up with them as needed.
  • Get in touch with District leaders – Your Area Director, Division Directors and the entire District Leadership team are here solely to support you. If they e-mail you, WhatsApp you or call you take this opportunity to have a chat with them and ask plenty of questions. They’ll love to learn more about your club.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year,


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