Step forward and try something new

As we head into the autumn, it’s Toastmasters contest season! For all members this an opportunity to step forward and try something new; this may be as a competitor, chairing the contest or being a judge. This is the perfect chance for experienced members to mentor and share their knowledge with those taking some of these roles for the first time. An important consideration now that renewals have taken place, is checking that members are in good standing, i.e. have renewed their membership.

Thanks to all the hard-working club Treasurers, Vice Presidents Membership and Presidents that have been focussed on their club’s finances over the last month. Membership renewals have been processed thick and fast.  The 20:80 challenge has proved a good one for many clubs across our District. What is it about pizza that our members love? A full list of those clubs that have achieved the reward of £50 for their pizza party will be published after the end of the renewal period.

The new club demonstration box production line has been in full swing, with the first box dispatched to Burnham Speakers (located in Buckinghamshire) ahead of their demonstration meeting on 16 October. Closely followed by Swansea Speakers demonstration meeting on 17 October.  Support for demonstration meetings is welcomed, contact me if you want to get involved.

When members step forward to set up a new club, they do not do so alone. There is plenty of support available from the Club Extension Committee and experienced members.  Recently, Club Extension Chair, Bob Bowes, delivered the first of the new club sponsor and mentor workshops. Thanks to all that attended. More of these events will follow.

Remember that information is being posted on the Toastmasters International UK & Ireland Facebook page, keep an eye on details of up and coming events.

Last Updated on 5th August 2020 by Susan Rayner