Success and the Smedley Award by Florian Bay

Every club welcoming 5 new members during the months of August and September will automatically receive the Smedley Award for membership growth! Don’t miss out an opportunity to add another ribbon to your club banners. A club banners full of ribbons is always an amazing talking points for guests and members alike.

Growing your club membership is easy, just make your guest feel welcome, follow-up with them and ensure that a mentor is available for them right after they join. Our very own Andy O’Sullivan created a SYSTEM that was sued to grow a club from 20 to 73 members. A webinar was even run on it and if you missed it, you can still access it here.

As we are heading into renewal period, remember to start chasing renewals early on. This is also the perfect moment to call members who haven’t attended meetings in a while. Invite them to come back to the club, lay down a speech slot for them and reignite their interest and enthusiasm!

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