The Seven Cs of Effective Communication

Have you ever stopped to think about how much communication is a part of your daily routine? From writing emails to leading meetings, from participating in conference calls to creating reports, the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that effective communication plays a crucial role in boosting productivity. Recently, I stumbled upon a video discussing the Seven Cs of Communication, and I found them to be incredibly useful. I’d love to share my insights with you.

Communication should adhere to the 7Cs, which outline the ideal way to convey information: clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.  Let’s break down each point.


When engaging in communication, ensure that your goal or message is clearly stated. Clearly articulate your purpose in communicating with the person to avoid any confusion. If you are uncertain, your audience will also struggle to understand your intentions.


To effectively communicate, it’s important to be concise. Get straight to the point and keep your message brief to engage your audience. Take a moment to review your words and remove any unnecessary adjectives or filler words like “kind of,” “literally,” or “basically.” Additionally, check for any unnecessary sentences or repetitive explanations. By doing so, you can ensure that your message is clear and impactful.


Crafting a concrete message allows your audience to have a crystal-clear understanding of your communication. By incorporating just, the right number of details and vivid facts, and maintaining a laser-like focus, your message becomes robust and impactful.


When it comes to effective communication, ensuring that your audience understands your message is paramount. One crucial aspect of effective communication is the absence of errors. To guarantee the accuracy of your message, ask yourself the following questions: – Do the technical terms you employ match your audience’s level of education or knowledge? – Have you meticulously reviewed your writing for any grammatical errors? (Remember, spell checkers may overlook certain mistakes). – Are all names and titles spelled correctly?


When your communication is coherent, it’s like a well-constructed puzzle. Each piece fits perfectly, and all the points seamlessly connect to the main topic. The tone and flow of the text remain steady, creating a smooth and logical reading experience.


When composing your message, it’s crucial to provide your audience with all the essential information they need to stay informed and, if necessary, act. Make sure to incorporate a clear “call to action” that leaves no doubt about what you want them to do. Additionally, ensure that you’ve included all relevant details such as contact names, dates, times, and locations. By delivering a complete message, you empower your audience to make informed decisions and respond accordingly.


Courteous communication is characterized by its friendly, genuine, and transparent nature. It steers clear of any hidden insults or passive-aggressive undertones. You always put yourself in the receiver’s shoes and demonstrate empathy towards their needs.

Remember to utilize the Seven Cs of Communication as a guide for all your interactions. This way, you can ensure that your messages are clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

Erika Oteri
Division C Director 2023-2024

News Round Up from Division C

Division C, the Creative Division

This year, Division C is feeling creative. We want to create a super community with our corporate and community clubs in Central London. Let me introduce you to a few of our clubs here:

Bayes Toastmasters hosted an Open House on Monday 24th October. I had the honour of being the Toastmaster of the evening and got to wear my witches cape for the Halloween inspired theme! Well done to Vanessa Pochette (President) and Craig Moss (VP Education) for planning this event.

Early Bird Speakers boasts one of the highest members in the Division and has been busy submitting education awards across all levels. As the name suggests it meets in the early morning – the morning people are getting stuff done! Members leave the meeting energised for the day and feeling creative.
City of London Toastmasters raced ahead with new members at the beginning of this year, winning the Smedley Award in August and has signed up the most new members. Well done all! VPPR Cristina (Tina) Plamadeala has been getting creative on social media showing off her marketing skills. Tina has also helped to make some creations for the Division – example shared below. Thank you so much Tina!
Division C is joining the race to hit 5000 unique members. Our goal is to gain a net 100 members and we are well on the way with our vibrant and creative clubs, plus new additions to the family.
Last month we welcomed back KPMG Kommunicators into Area C58. We are very excited to have this club and thank you to Ga Lok Chung for his work in putting this together. The club has already completed eight ice breaker speeches over 20 first-timers taking on meeting roles. Well done to all the new Kommunicators!
This month we will be joined by another exciting new corporate club PA Consulting London. I have had the pleasure of attending their demo and launch meeting recently and look forward to attending more meetings over the next few weeks.

Emily McQuillen,

Division Director, Division C, 2022-2023