The results are in!

Over this and last weekend, the divisional International Speech and Evaluation contests have been taking place. We will post below the results and reports as they come in. The winners, of course, will be going through to the District 91 Spring Conference on 5-6 May. Well done to al those taking part and congratulations to our winners.

Division A

International Speech Contest: Eric Skates, Wessex Speakers
Evaluation Contest: Eric Skates, Basingstoke Speakers

Division B

International Speech Contest: Brian Guo, Grosvenor Square Speakers  
Evaluation Contest: Dan Stoddart, London Olympians

Division C

International Speech Contest: David Jackson, Kings Cross Speakers
Evaluation Contest: David Jackson, Kings Cross Speakers


The contest was held on Saturday morning on 14 April – about 70 in the Audience. David Jackson beat another four contestants in both contests. He received his reward along with a proud President Tariq Pasha, Area C34.

Brucie was played by Robert Wyatt and the International Contest Chair was Jill Segal and Evaluation Chair was. Great energy from audience and a memorable event for all concerned.

Division H

International Speech Contest: Daniel Magill, Epsom Speakers Club
Evaluation Contest: Amanda Zwarts, Epsom Speakers Club

Division J

International Speech Contest: Hilary Benoit, Malvern Speakers
Evaluation Contest: Jean Gamester, Cardiff Toastmasters


The event was hosted by Area 21 in Windsor and my thanks go to the Area Director Leela Bassi for all her help and support unfortunately she was unable to make the event at the last minute but her members were obviously fully briefed and did her proud.

It was a good day with around 40 people attending, including Andy Hammond our PQD who gave out the prizes, including individual hand made glass plaques for the first, second and third place winners. The speeches were of a good standard and it was a hard fought battle, the victors being Hilary Benoit, with her speech entitled “The enemy within”. The Evaluation Competition Speech was given by Deborah Johnson of Covent Garden Speakers and Jean Gamester won the contest. Congratulations to all of the speakers it was a very high standard from all of them.

Phyllis Bayntun from Thame speakers did a sterling job as Contest Chair (having put on hold moving home for the day to attend), thank you also to the counters, timers, SAA and judges all of whom were professional and organised making my job that much easier. Thank you also to Carlos Gimeno for filling in for me at the beginning as my voice was rather croaky but we made it through to the end.

Paul Imre gave a presentation on the District Conference and I would urge you all to do your best to attend some part of the Conference, if not all, as it promises to be a brilliant event.

My only regret was that we did not get more supporters for the contestants and I urge Area Directors and Club members to try and go along to support their fellow members at competitions, not only for the competitors sake but to also see different styles and techniques of public speaking, not least to socialise and broaden your toastmaster family. Thank you again to all who took part in making the event a success.

Alison Morris

Division K

International Speech Contest: Mopani Mkandawire, London Public Speakers
Evaluation Contest: Alfredo Iorio, Central London Toastmasters

Division L

International Speech Contest: Fabio de Sio, London Business School Public Speaking Club
Evaluation Contest: Chinkata Okpara, Excalibur Speakers

Report: Division L Contest – Saturday 14 April, by Nadine Wagner

What a wonderful Toastmaster afternoon we had! The level was very high and the toughest jobs of all must have been the judging!!! In the Evaluation Contest we had 8 educational and uplifting evaluations and learned a lot from the different techniques being used! Fantastic! In the International Speech Contest we were treated to 8 enlivening, inspiring and motivational speeches. Amazing! Still, the judges decided and the results are:

Evaluation Contest

  1. Chinkata Okpara (L9, Excalibur)
  2. Coralie Frances (L61, Watford Speakers)
  3. Elaine Kelly (L56, Deutsche Bank)

International Speech Contest Division L

  1. Fabio de Sio: Believe in Yourself (L47, LBS)
  2. Salem Al-Damluji: Click and Connect (L47, London Communicators)
  3. Rebecca Carrera: Juicy Mountain (L61, Watford Speakers)

We are proud that Chinkata and Fabio will be representing our Division L at the District 91 Contest! Chinkata said that he has been pleasantly surprised by the warmth and support, from all his club members. He added that “this has taken the form of insightful feedback, suggestions for improvement and just turning up to be there at competitions. It has also been great to meet and make new friendships with other toastmasters from many other clubs that I won’t ordinarily have gotten to.”

Fabio is still taken aback by this amazing experience! He said “I think the most important aspect is not only to win each contest but also the support of my club, without their feedbacks and their support it would have been more difficult. I’m happy to be part of the family toastmaster and I like the way I’m developing my speech every time I have a contest and my latest goal is to inspire people!” Well, Fabio certainly did inspired those at the contest, we are pleased he will be able to carry his message to the District and we hope even beyond!

Special thanks goes to all the Contestans, our non-Toastmaster guests for attending, Andy O’Sullivan as Chief Judge and his team of functionaries, Helena Brewer and Florian Bay for their messages, Pedro Casillo and Florian Bay from the District Trio for attending, Freddie Daniels for opening the event, and last but not least to Sammy and his team from the LBS for letting us host the event in such a brilliant location.

The Division L 2018 Spring Contest Team
Seema, Cat & Nadine

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