Time to let the secret out

Did you know that the referrals are really what makes the world go round?

That’s not so say that traditional marketing and advertising doesn’t work, they have their place and are important. As we enter month 2 of 2021, we’re also in ‘Talk up Toastmasters’ season, an opportunity for all of us to be reminded of one of the commitments we made by becoming members – to bring guests to meetings in order for them to see the benefits of Toastmasters.

This may take the form of reconnecting with previous members who had a break for one reason or another. The other week I noticed 2 ex-members of my home club had worked together on something due to a post on LinkedIn. I commented on it and invited them to attend our club’s Open House event that was coming up and one of them did! The same person also works in a school so I mentioned the possibility of us delivering a Youth Leadership Program. We’ve been connected to the person responsible and are now exploring this as an option for one of the clubs in West London.

Similarly, I was recently involved in a webinar outside of Toastmasters on the subject of recruitment. In the feedback report, some of the attendees responded that they felt they needed to develop presentation skills at this time. This is true for many people. Our lives have changed and so has how we are required to communicate. Who do you know that may be working on this and would benefit from the Toastmasters program, in particular the feedback mechanisms that are built into it?

Contrary to popular belief, global companies are embracing Toastmasters at this time. We will shortly be welcoming a new online-only Toastmasters club born out of an existing one in a company that sees the benefits of keeping this format even when they return to ‘normal’ – the new club allows for members to be from different countries and departments and helps internal networking.

Finally, a few of our clubs have either conducted or are planning a ‘Speechcraft’ course. This IS our best-kept secret, but a great way for people to really experience a taster or Toastmasters over a few sessions. Your District Leadership Team is giving away kits to clubs that will commit to running one in March or April, so please get in touch and grab your hands on them!

Finally, as we also approach our spring renewals period, think about why you joined, what you’ve gained and why you will stay. There’s always something more to learn or give – invite someone else to also do the same.

Rupa Datta
District 91 Club Growth Director 2020-2021

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