If a Toastmasters year is a marathon, it’s time for the sprint finish.

Dear District Leaders,

With 30 days to go to the end of the Toastmasters year, we are one of only seven districts around the world who are distinguished.  Third highest number of distinguished clubs, second highest number of clubs that have 20+ members. And overall, doing better than we did this last year.

We have still a lot to do to get to President’s Distinguished District – 2 more clubs to either charter or get to good standing and 351 renewals or new members.  Our analysis is that these goals are achievable –  it will take a lot of focus to get there.

If a Toastmasters year is a marathon, it’s time for the sprint finish.

 What I would love to see

As I said at the beginning of the year, while I would enjoy seeing D91 lead the world, I will be most happy to know that we have done everything we can, and we have built on last year to do even better this year.  And that we have set up next year to do even better.

As with last year, when we came third in the world, it will come down to a team effort to get us there.

What we can do next together

I am contacting clubs directly to check in and encourage – I did once wonder if clubs might think that it is overkill for us to be contacting as well as area and division teams, I have realised that clubs do appreciate the human touch from district leaders.  No doubt there will be the odd exception, but I’ve concluded that those exceptions shouldn’t stop us reaching out, because it really can make a difference to how we all do.

For each of us, we all need to look out for and encourage;

  • Everyone to exceed last year’s achievements, and prepare to do even better next year
  • Clubs to address outstanding member renewals
  • Clubs to grow membership, and especially
    • If less than 8 members, then at least in good standing
    • If less than 20 members, then at least to 20+
    • Achieve “Beat the Clock” – 5+ new members between 1 May and 30 June
  • Help club sponsors and mentors get pre-charters off the ground
  • Help as many members as possible get educational awards
  • Encourage strong clubs to focus on unlimited DCP and celebrate those who do (see fantastic report from George Marshall here – it shows that if we went beyond 10 DCP points, City Limits would have an amazing 16 DCP points, Berkeley Square 14 and 1st London 12)
  • Our divisions and areas to finish as strong as they can, and seek to beat last year.
    • So far 3 of our divisions (B, J and L) and 4 (B45, H21, L47, L56) of our areas are President’s distinguished.
    • The same 3 divisions were PD last year and I would love to see the other two, K and H, join them.
    • Last year we had 9 areas that were PD, B6, B29, B45, B52, L33, L34, L47, K59, J62.    How many of areas will make it this time?   Can we make sure that every area does better than last year?
  • Lets work out how to help people on waiting lists to become members more quickly – open the doors wider, show them where other clubs are, help them set up new clubs.


30 days to go

We have 30 days to go, let’s get our sprinting shoes on.

Grow and be strong.

Very proud to be your District Director,



Jean Gamester

District 91 Director 2015/16


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