What will your club look like in July 2021?

Fellow members, as we roll in to the final couple of months of this Toastmasters year, take a look at the faces of your club members at your next club meeting. Are they largely the same as they were a few months ago? To what extent have they changed? With a number of us zooming around the world, we may sometimes not even be fully aware of who our actual club members are.

several clocks to bring attention to Beat the clock award

May and June sees us running a membership building campaign called Beat the Clock. It is designed to ensure we have a burst of energy towards the end of the year and ensure we all contribute to having some fresh blood come through as we head into the new year. With this idea in mind, please ask yourself if you have recommended a friend to Toastmasters yet? Have you invited a guest to a meeting? All of us as members have a part to the play in the success of our clubs, and it is really as simple as doing one little thing to keep the energy alive, every single time! Another good idea might be to hold an Open House.

Finally, to help you with the membership building, as part of our weekly webinar series this weekend we have a sales legend and best selling Amazon author who will share his key learnings from writing his debut book. He will happily take questions on how you can apply this knowledge in your club. Register here.

Who will be leading your club in 2021/2022?

At our District Conference last weekend, your new District Leadership Team and Division Directors were announced. The District Trio have already started transition activities. As your club holds its elections for its new leaders during the first couple of weeks of May, who do you want to see running your club? Could it be you? Is there someone you feel absolutely should do, but perhaps needs a nudge? Have a word with them.

This time 5 years ago, I was elected as VP Membership of my home club, Trojan Speakers, having only joined in February of that year. Someone had a word with me and said they thought I had the energy the club needed for that role. I’m glad I said yes because it meant that I got to know all of our members and bring new people into my club.

Is there a role you may like to get involved in but haven’t fully explored yet?

We are welcoming new clubs to the D91 family

Perhaps, it is because things feel like they are opening up again, I’m so pleased that we are experiencing a burst of excitement with regards to new club activities. In April, BT Enterprise Toastmasters joined us, driven by their marketing department. We will be welcoming another corporate partner in May. Additionally, we have a team building a new online advanced club and another one building a daytime online club.
Always remember there are opportunities outside of your club, too. Check out our latest vacancies

Rupa Datta

District 91 Club Growth Director 2020-2021