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The week after coming back from an International Convention is always a bit of a strange one. Between readjusting to normal routines, following-up with the dozens of people met overseas and tying-up loose ends. A mélange of emotions always goes through my mind in these moments. Every single one of the International Convention I’ve attended so far has been unique in its own ways. Denver was, as the responsibility of casting 269 votes on behalf of your club was mine to fulfil.

On Sunday 18th August we interviewed all candidates standing for International Directors or Officers roles. Later during, the week, we also had the opportunity to see them answering questions from members at the Candidates showcase. These two events formed our decisions on how to cast our votes on your behalf.

Some exciting news were announced by Toastmasters International CEO Dan Rex. Very soon, all projects within a Pathways path will be visible ahead, just like in the old manuals. A simplification of the interface is on the cards and judging from what I saw, it’s a very positive step forward. A visit of Toastmasters WHQ last Monday also provided me with more insights on what the staff works on. They are taking feedback onboard and are acting upon it. What’s more, many staff members in the IT department are members of a club hosted in WHQ offices.

As renewals season is upon us and I have a mission for you all. Win some free pizza or supplies from the District by renewing 20 members and retaining 80% of your members by September 30th. Renew, Retain, Win!

Our District 91 pizza is famous worldwide as evidence by some comments in Denver. Even the Italians of District 109 copied it!

Want to inspire some members with Toastmasters magic? Share your stories of why you’ve joined Toastmasters and what you’ve gained as a member. Here’s my own story below.

By the way next year’s Convention will be in Paris and tickets are already on sale!

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner