Youth Leadership Programme at Malvern College

The Hills Are Alive with the sound of a Youth Leadership Programme at Malvern College

Malvern Speakers YLPThe first ever Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) at Malvern College culminated in a Speech Extravaganza evening held at the mythically named Gryphon Room.  Under the watchful eye of Headmaster Mr Antony Clarke, parents and special guest Mr Phillip Serrell (of BBC’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It); sixteen students from all over the world successfully delivered their final speeches to complete the course, which had run over several weeks since the beginning of the year.

The entire evening was organised by the students.   Three of whom skilfully and professionally acted as “Toastmaster” for each segment of the speeches, while others acted as timekeepers in true Toastmasters tradition!  The students gave speeches on subjects as varied as “The delights of living in an extended family of twenty relatives”; “The notorious worst-ever Nobel Prize”; “Discovering the joy of  Coasteering”; and the story behind the painting “The Raft of The Medusa”.

The project was a joint venture between Malvern College (Dr Martin Harris) and Malvern Speakers.  It was led by Steve Birch who was supported by fellow Toastmasters (all from Malvern Speakers).  The students homelands ranged from Nepal to the USA.  The effectiveness of the programme was underlined by the fact that for most of the students English was their second or even third language.

Congratulations to Malvern Speakers for their article about the YLP that was published in the Malvern Gazette!Malvern Speakers YLP Article


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