Contests – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Check these Toastmasters International FAQs or look for the question you are interested in below.

How to organise communication so that it’s GDPR compliant?

Remember to ask permission from those that may be part of the organisation if you are going to add them to a group – this includes judges! As these events are formal affairs, we recommend email as the primary form of communication.

What are eligibility checks for judges?

We strongly recommend that Chief Judges ask for visibility of Levels 1 & 2 completion certificates for judges above the club level. If a member hasn’t completed or is unable to evidence they have met the qualifying requirements in the traditional program it might be worth considering another judge.

Should audience cameras be on or off during a contest?

You can find the official stance in the Online Contest Procedures.

Is streaming of contests allowed?

No, streaming of contests are not permitted.

What are specifics for the online contests?

You can find them in the Online Contest Procedures and Online Speech Contest Exception.

Are there any best practices to run online contest?

You can find them in Best Practices For Online Speech Contests