The Net 4 Award (July 2023 to June 2024)

To encourage clubs to grow organically, we have kept the Net Growth Awards but with slightly modified targets.

The first 25 clubs who, by the 30th June 2024, achieve net growth of four new members from their 1st July 2023 base number will win £40 to boost club’s funds. However, for the first 25 clubs who by the same date, achieve a net growth of eight new members will win £80 for their club funds. 

Clubs can only win one or other award.

How it works

If your club has 20 members on 1st July 2023 then it must have 24 or more members on the 30th June 2024 to win the award. A club with 30 members on 1st July will need to have 34 members on the 30th June 2024.

Notification of Award

By Email from the District Club Growth Director (CGD) Mo Dawodu

Who, How, and When to claim?

Who: The Club Treasurer

How: Via Concur with the District Finance Director.

By When: End of July 2024.