Spring into Spring Award (April 2024)

Win £30 for your club this April!

Introduce 3 first time Toastmasters members to your club to win a £30 membership growth bonus.

How it works

To win simply gain 3 new members to your club during April 2024. These new members must have an original joining date of 1st April 2024 to qualify. So returning and joint members don’t count towards this award. The first 25 clubs to gain the new members will receive a £30 voucher from the district to spend at either the Toastmaster Shop, contribute to their Zoom costs or help with Tea and food for an Open House meeting.

Notification of Award

Club Presidents and Treasures will be notified by email during May 2024 from the District Club Growth Director (CGD) Mo Dawodu

Who, How, and When to claim?

Who: The Club Treasurer

How: Via Concur with the District Finance Director.

By When: End of July 2024.