Arnaud Sartre: Achievements

We are entering the final month of the Toastmasters Program Year, and the final stretch when it comes to our Club, Area, Division and District Goals. 

I have had the pleasure to attend multiple meetings and events starting with our Ashford conference at the beginning of May, and am humbled to carry on the next Program Year as Program Quality Director. Thank You!

Talk Up Toastmasters Awards – Final results!

By popular demand, I am very pleased to release the winners of the Talk Up Toastmasters Award to an astonishing group of Clubs that have not only met the minimum requirements but most definitely smashed last year’s record number of Club winners! Congratulations to all 35 Clubs that have gained 5+ members during the February/March period! Winning Clubs would have already received a Talk Up Toastmasters! ribbon for their Club banners from Headquarters, with a pack of Pathways ribbons from the District on its way very soon!

DivisionAreaClub nameGrowth
K581st London Toastmasters 18 
L47London Business School Public Speaking Club 12 
K58City of London Toastmasters Club 11 
B06London Athenian Speakers Toastmasters Club 10 
K13Canary Wharf Communicators Club 10 
A46Newbury Speakers Club 9 
B29Trojan Speakers Club 9 
A14Farnham Speakers Club 7 
B08London Victorians 7 
B29Riverside Communicators 7 
C33Speakerforce London Toastmasters Club 7 
H15Clapham Connectors 7 
K31Ofgem Speakers Club 7 
L56Data Science Speakers Club 7 
L61HOD Speakers Club 7 
A42Ferndown Speakers 6 
C05City Limits Speakers 6 
C05Covent Garden Speakers 6 
H55Brighton & Hove Speakers Club 6 
H37Kent Speakers Club 6 
K12Barking Toastmasters 6 
K03Central London Toastmasters 6 
A46Microsoft Speakers Club 5 
A01Spinnaker Speakers 5 
A14Guildford Speakers Club 5 
C33St Pauls Speakers 5 
C02Holborn Speakers 5 
H35Connected Speakers Bromley 5 
H15Croydon Communicators Club 5 
J21Wokingham Speakers 5 
J11Cheltenham Speakers 5 
K58PMI UK Toastmasters Club 5 
K31Wharf Speakers 5 
L56Deutsche Bank Toastmasters London 5 
L47London Communicators Club 5 

Beat The Clock 

Let’s not forget Beat The Clock! With some amazing rewards to finish the year on a high note if gaining 5+ members during the May-June period.

Beat the Clock Challenge

Zeus Award

What is this? First time hearing about it? Looking forward to it? Well, this little-known District incentive will recognise Clubs that have managed to win all 3 Club Membership contests (Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters! and Beat The Clock) as well as grow their net membership by 10+ members. 

With the results of Beat The Clock out, the following Clubs are still in contention for a truly special reward Zeus Reward:

City Limits Speakers
London Victorians
Barking Toastmasters
PMI UK Toastmasters Club
Covent Garden Speakers
Canary Wharf Communicators Club 
London Business School Public Speaking Club 
City of London Toastmasters Club 
Riverside Communicators
Holborn Speakers

Outreach Awards

Although many members have been involved in one of our outreach programs (Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program), this is seldom spoken about. 

With the year coming to an end, I intend to formally recognise all these contributions once we conclude the program year on 30thJune. If you have been involved or planning such outreach, get in touch.

Club Support

We have a multitude of new Club leads at various stages, and I am actively looking for sponsors/mentors willing to support a new Club break ground and thrive. If you are a trailblazer, get in touch! Mentors need to be able to commit to 6 months supporting a new Club from Charter. 

The reward is immense, and a successful applicant will also receive Club Building credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver on the Traditional Program. 

Fancy a different challenge? Becoming a Club Coach may just be the right opportunity. Clubs at or below 12 members qualify for a Coach. Successful Coaches will transform a Club with low membership back to charter strength and for a limited period also gain both Club Building credit andDistrict Officer credit (until 30 Jun 2020 only). This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference and gain valuable skills. Interested? get in touch!

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