Ending the Year Strong

The 2019/20 Toastmasters Year is slowly drawing to a close, yet now more than ever it is crucial not to drop our eyes on the ball as current and future success is determined by our actions as leaders. Last week-end, the incoming District Trio held a day-long marathon planning session to discuss the key priorities for the year ahead and handover responsibilities. All of us found the exercise very useful and it is something that I am planning to introduce in my own club.

Florian Bay, District 91 Program Quality Director 2018-19

Some elements to discuss in this handover/planning meeting could include:

  • Updating your club success plan.
  • What worked well/didn’t work well in the 2018/19 Toastmasters year.
  • Identifying possible initiatives to introduce at the club level.
  • How your club can achieve our District vision of every member achieving one award each year, retaining 70% of our members every year and maintaining club membership at 20+ and ideally 30+ members throughout the year.

As the year comes to an end remember to do the following tasks as soon as you can or as soon as they arise:

  • Submitting your list of club officers for the 2019/20 Toastmasters Year.
  • Submitting educational awards on club central for any member that achieves an award or a Pathways level. Updating District guidance for Basecamp managers can be found here.
  • Celebrating your members achievement with a special meeting that will also be a great marketing opportunity.
  • Handing over login details of social media platforms, email accounts, bank details etc.

Personally, I am looking forward to see us ending the 2018/19 Toastmasters year on a higher note than last year. I’m also really looking forward to what next year will bring, more on this soon!

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner