Club Support and Membership

It is hard to believe, we only have 2 months left in the Toastmasters program year, and yet still so much we can and will achieve!


We barely concluded Talk Up Toastmasters (results still pending HQ formal notification) that we need to think about Beat the Clock starting on 1stMay! 

Beat The Clock

Wouldn’t this be an opportunity for an Open House?

Share the immense value we gain though membership, bring a friend or colleague to your Club meeting, we have so much to offer our communities and corporate partners! 

And if you haven’t seen a member for some time, reach out, they may just be waiting your call to come back and renew their membership!

Cannes Festival approaching – it’s Award season!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Ashford conferencewhere I will be presenting many Awards:

  • Pioneers Award recognising our new Clubs
  • Phoenix Award recognising Clubs that have regained charter strength from low membership
  • Athena Award recognising members who went beyond the call of duty and sponsor 5+ members
  • And more … 

The Hall of Fame promises to be a fantastic event and I would love to see you all to celebrate our amazing achievements.

I am aware many members have been involved in one of our outreach programs (Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program) and I intend to formally recognise all these contributions once we conclude the program year on 30thJune. If you have been involved or planning such outreach, get in touch. 

Club Support

We have a multitude of new Club leads at various stages, and I am actively looking for sponsors/mentors willing to support a new Club break ground and thrive. If you are a trailblazer, get in touch! Mentors need to be able to commit to 6 months supporting a new Club from Charter. 

The reward is immense, and a successful applicant will also receive Club Building credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver on the Traditional Program. 

Fancy a different challenge? Becoming a Club Coach may just be the right opportunity. Clubs at or below 12 members qualify for a Coach. Successful Coaches will transform a Club with low membership back to charter strength and for a limited period also gain both Club Building credit andDistrict Officer credit (until 30 Jun 2020 only). This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference and gain valuable skills. Interested? Get in touch!

See you in Ashford!

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner