Keep up the Momentum

We are slowly heading into the final two months of the Toastmasters year. These often tend to be the best months of the year for clubs as all the work invested earlier in the year is paying off. Crucially this also means that conserving momentum to start the new year on a high is crucial too.

Here’s what you can do now to end the year strongly and build-up the future at the same time:

  • Organise a special event like an open-house meeting, speakathaon or even a club social to build-up the community aspects of your club. Get people that will be on the committee next year to help with these!
  • Launch a social media campaign, use #MyWhy video testimonials from members to generate interest from potential guests and inspire them with the stories of your newly joined members. 
  • Organise an award evening to recognise all the members who have achieved educational awards this year and those who will do so soon.
  • Start the organisation, at least on a basic level, of meetings taking place from 1stJuly. Do not leave a clean slate for the next club leaders to start on from, leave them something they can built on instead! Continuity breeds success!
  • Create a file with all social media, email and website passwords for the next club leadership team to use. Similarly, begin the process of updating bank account signatories now as this can take a while.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner