Talk Up!

Let’s celebrate our 7th and newest Club so far this Toastmasters year, welcome Godalming Speakers to our District! A fine job executed by Tania, Marlane, Nikos, Janet and many more to bring this Club to our District, thank you! We have more news with 2 other Clubs expected to join our ranks in the next few days.

Arnaud Sartre (Club Growth Director)

In March, it is time to re-double our efforts when it comes to renewals, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing Toastmasters programme, would you? Please talk to your VP Membership on how best to renew your membership and I look forward to your continued growth over the coming period. And let’s remember access to Base Camp will cease on 1st April unless a membership is renewed.

It is also a fantastic time to bring a guest along to your next Club Meeting, imagine the difference you can make to somebody’s life, imagine being able to master that talk at work, that best man speech or that conference presentation. You can help someone achieve all this and more and while doing this, help your Club win the Talk Up Toastmasters Award! 

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner