Keeping the momentum

February was a particularly busy month for the extended District team with Area Directors and Division Directors leading numerous Club Officer Training (COT) and Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) events across the District. A huge amount of time and energy goes into these events to offer leadership development opportunities to our Club Officers and all Members. Thank you to everyone involved.

Andy Hammond (District Director)

My own efforts were focused on the District Executive Council meeting on 24th February. The bulk of the meeting is spent on hearing updates from each Area Director, Division Director and District Leadership Team (DLT) member on how we are meeting our own goals on your behalf. We also had an update on draft plans for realignment of clubs and Areas. All the reports are available to read on the D91 website by clicking on the link: District Executive Committee – 24 February 2019

The mid-year finances have also taken up quite a bit of my time this past month. Not the most enjoyable part of my role because of ongoing problems with information from HQ, but nonetheless a very important area to ensure that we have the resources needed to continue to support our members.

I can only be District Director because I am a club member, and I try to stay grounded in that experience. I am proud to be continuing my Toastmasters journey, and to be the first member of my club to complete Level 1 in Pathways. I challenge each of you to be the Pathways pioneer in your club.

With only a third of the year remaining, we will inevitably be even more focussed on the District Goals, and Club Officers will be striving to achieve the Distinguished Club Program goals. It may at times seem that we are obsessed with the numbers. Always remember that while the numbers matter, and we all want to achieve the highest level of Distinguished that we can, what really matters is what those numbers represent in terms of making a difference to more peoples’ lives – one speech at a time.

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