The Year in Review

These are my last few words as Club Growth Director. So let’s review the year … 

At the time of writing this article, we have chartered 14 Clubs, and have just welcomed HCL UK Toastmasters Club in J21. Between now and the end of June, we may even have 1 additional Club, fingers crossed!

We also had to say goodbye to 6 Clubs throughout the year. This is never the outcome we wish for the members of these Clubs, but this is part of the lifecycle. 

We have an incredible pipeline of new Clubs coming up in the next few months, from Southern Wales to the South East and London. 

We have celebrated 2 rounds of the Pizza Challenge, and I can’t wait to see the launch of the new and improved award later on in the summer.

We had 3 membership campaigns and rewarded:

  • 18 Clubs with the Smedley Award
  • 35 Clubs with the Talk Up Toastmasters Award (if you haven’t yet received the pack of Pathways ribbons as promised, it will be with you soon)
  • And we are on course for 40+ Clubs being awarded the Beat The Clock Award!

We also recognised many members at conference for sponsoring and bringing new members to their Clubs with the Athena Award. 

Many success stories of Clubs going back to Charter strength after having a membership drop below 12, all recipient of the Phoenix Award (Barings Speaking Club, Ofgem Speakers Club and Connected Speakers Bromley)

Club Support

We have a multitude of new Club leads at various stages, and I am actively looking for sponsors/mentors willing to support a new Club break ground and thrive. If you are a trailblazer, get in touch! Mentors need to be able to commit to 6 months supporting a new Club from Charter. 

The reward is immense, and a successful applicant will also receive Club Building credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver on the Traditional Program. Fancy a different challenge? Becoming a Club Coach may just be the right opportunity. Clubs at or below 12 members qualify for a Coach. Successful Coaches will transform a Club with low membership back to charter strength and for a limited period also gain both Club Building credit andDistrict Officer credit (until 30 Jun 2020 only). This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference and gain valuable skills. Interested? Get in touch!

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner