District Council Meeting First Notice

District Council Meeting Notice 15 September 2018 First Notice (Click link for PDF format)

Our first District Council Meeting of the new Toastmasters year will be a virtual one, taking place on Saturday 15 September from 10.00 to 12.00. As this is the first time we will be holding the meeting this way some items need to be confirmed at a later date.

Members of the District 91 District Council are Club Presidents, Club Vice Presidents Education, Area Directors, Division Directors and District Leadership Team members.

Motions: Any motions should be sent by Wednesday 15 August to me at alison@d91toastmasters.org or andy@d91toastmasters.org.

Voting: In order for our District Council to conduct business, there needs to be a quorum of a third of all Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education (VPEs). So, it is vital that each President or VPE either attend. Proxies for virtual meetings are not permitted.

Registration: All voters for the District Council Meeting must register with the Parliamentarian  in order to get credit for their vote. Details will follow as to the way this will be managed.

Alison Morris
District 91 Administration Manager

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