Division J Nativity Play

Just taking a break from the rehearsals from the Division J Nativity play to wish everyone a Happy Christmas from the Thames Valley & Welsh clubs.

Our Area Directors are enthusiastically practicing their lines – John Christie is simply divine as an angel and Helyn Ashford is perfectly cast as the Welsh Virgin Mary.

We end the year on 464 members in our five areas and we are targeting at least 600 members by the end of the Toastmaster year which would make us one of the strongest Divisions in the District. January is the perfect time to get new people in and take advantage of New Years resolutions.  Encourage friends to come along and make 2024 a perfect year for your club.

If you work for a company with more than 500 employees, have you considered setting up a corporate club?  HID Global did that earlier this year and became the 23rd club in the Division and has brought Toastmasters to a brand-new audience in South Wales.

For those who have been finding Toastmasters less challenging, Division J is also proud to be setting up an advanced club, Oxford International, an on-line only club for those who want to look towards being a professional speaker.

Division J in the first half of the year also had the most Club Officers trained in the District.  Only 3 clubs failed to get four or more officers trained in the summer – we are expecting every club to hit the target this winter – training is open until 29th Feb (yes, it’s a leap year!).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to help our District Newsletter team out of the donkey outfit… the zipper broke and they’ve been in there for hours!  I’m coming Nikita!!!