DLT Dispatches Jul2018

Andy Hammond, District Director 2018-19

A New Team:

The District Leadership Team (DLT) has been working hard since May, firstly to ensure a smooth handover, and then to put plans in place to support our members. Meet the new DLT team

We met at the start of June and were joined on the second day by the new Division Directors. We decided on key calendar dates. These will shortly be published on our website.

It was great to see so many of the new Division and Area Directors at the District Officer Training at the end of June. Thanks to Florian and Alison, and all presenters and attendees. One outcome is that we are compiling a comprehensive list of all Division and Area training events and contests for the year to share with members.

Program Quality Director Florian Bay, Club Growth Director Arnaud Sartre and I will be attending the International Convention in Chicago next month, where we will receive training. We will also be representing you at the Annual Business Meeting, so Presidents, please remember to assign your club’s proxy vote so that we can fully represent your members.

One personal ambition is to hear far more of your stories. You have achieved such amazing successes supported by your Toastmasters experience, and I want you to share them. Changing lives, one speech at a time.

Florian Bay, Program Quality Director 2018-19

Planning for Success:

The new Toastmaster year has started. I find myself moving to a new leadership role and to new challenges. One challenge was to organise our weekend District Officer Training event last month. Another challenge is to find out exactly what is preventing you, our clubs and members from achieving even more.

This is where I love to call “situational awareness” comes into play for us leaders. This mean getting to grips with your club situation, analysing it carefully with a dispassionate eye and then making conclusions. In District 91’s case, I analysed data stretching from 2012 onwards to see exactly where we could serve our members better. Within your clubs, this could involve looking at how many guests turned up last year, what your guest-to-member conversion rate is, how many members completed educational awards and what attendance at meetings is. Other tools include SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and doing a members’ survey.

Use all the gathered data to draft your club success plan for the year ahead. This plan is strategic; it aims to answer these questions:-
• What is your vision as a club leadership team for the year ahead for the club? Why this vision?
• How can you inspire your members to embrace the Pathways Learning Experience?
• How can you ensure that members proactively sign up for speeches and roles?
• What actions can you take to drive more guests to meetings?How can you inspire more guests to join your club?
I am currently putting together a document that will answer similar questions for our entire District. New initiatives will likely result from it, so watch this space. I may not be done with giving away free pizzas yet 😉

Arnaud Sartre, Club Growth Director 2018-19


Toastmasters year and I am sure many of you are thinking about holidays but there has never been a better time to share your passion for Public Speaking.

As a member, enjoy the experience of the Club Meeting and invite a guest to the next one. If we all brought a guest, then meetings would have even greater variety. In the near future, I will be introducing a range of incentives and awards to claim, one of which rewards individuals sponsoring new members. Share your passion for Toastmasters today!

As a Club leader, you will have most certainly attended a Club Officer Training and helped devise a Club Success plan. How is your Club marketing itself? Do you have the resources needed? Last year, the District introduced a range of marketing materials you can all take advantage of.

Thinking about stepping outside your comfort zone? Living in a community where you believe a new Club could add value and transform lives? I will be happy to discuss your ideas, and share the range of District incentives and support available to make your project a success. Simply email me.

Ready for the next challenge, want to share ideas or willing to help our District? Please drop me a line.

Finally, the Smedley Award is upon us, named after our founder Dr Ralph Smedley. Stay tuned for the official launch on 1st August.

In this video, Dr Smedley himself explains why he started Toastmasters.

Happy holidays!

Pedro Casillas, Immediate Past District Director

District Success Plan Update:

District 91 2017-18 officially closed-we have finished 11th out of 105 Districts across the world. A fantastic achievement!! District 91 is a Select Distinguished District
D91 will be honoured at the Hall of Fame ceremony on Thurs 23 Aug 18 in Chicago!


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