Jean Gamester DTM District Director 2015-16

Jean_GamesterMy vision is for us to be collectively inspiring and supportive to all our members in 2015/16.

By doing this we will consistently perform as one of the top districts in the world: benefiting every club and helping members achieve their goals.

Toastmasters are experts at creating confident communicators. Let’s also focus our expertise on developing ourselves and each other into amazing leaders.

In practical terms this means sharing the best of what clubs and members do. This will develop an even stronger shared culture and a desire to take the leadership opportunities Toastmasters has to offer. I look forward to working with you all.

Here are the guiding principles and focus areas that will guide my work as District Director.

Direction and Planning

• Focussing on the long game – 3-5 years rather than just one year. Embedding what has been implemented in the past, ensuring the present is well taken care of and building strength for the future. Driving a culture where it’s expected that we will be a Presidents Distinguished District in 2015/16 and for the years that follow.
• Involving members and officers at all levels in planning and decision making. Working with them to make sure we are focussing on the right priorities so that members achieve their goals and clubs provide a brilliant learning environment. Learning from those within our district and beyond who are doing great things.
• Planning for growth – building on the great work of this year’s new alignment committee, shape the growth of the district for the long term. We will make sure we are ready to realign in a way that works for our clubs, areas and division, and ready to act when the next district reformation is required.

People & Leadership

• Developing a coaching culture where our leaders are empowering and supportive, where there is space to learn and experiment so our leaders can further develop their skills. A culture that understands that we are all volunteers and inspires us to get involved to develop ourselves and support our fellow members.
• Succession planning involving providing encouragement, development and recognition for people at all levels in the district so they develop the confidence and skills to take on new challenges, both in the short term and the long term.
• Providing opportunities for people to get involved – there are lots of ways for people across the district to get involved in driving our Toastmasters mission forward – we will raise awareness of those opportunities and provide support to help them be successful.


• Driving the CC Challenge – encouraging those members who have been in Toastmasters for over a year to complete their CC in 15/16. Recognising those who achieve it in less than a year.
• Continuing to support and encourage clubs in general and corporate clubs in particular to perform well in the distinguished club programme and benefit from engaging with those outside their clubs.
• Support the preparation work for the Revitalised Education Programme, ensuring that members are informed and the district is ready to embrace the benefits this programme will offer.

Growth and Retention

• Continuing to support the efforts of the marketing working group and demonstration teams in developing new clubs that have the strength to be successful in the long term.
• Providing education and support for pre-charter clubs to help them get off the ground, with a particular focus on new territories, new corporates and specialist clubs.
• Focussing on our ability to retain struggling clubs and ensuring we have a culture where members in all clubs can see how Toastmasters can help them achieve their goals.


• Developing and delivering a communications plan that provides the information that is needed, when it is needed, joined up across the leadership team.
• Ensuring that the membership site is maintained with up to date news and resources to support our members and leaders at all levels.
• Continuing to raise awareness of Toastmasters beyond Toastmasters through direct PR efforts and through connecting with the community with programmes like Speechcraft and Youth Leadership.

And finally..

…remembering that Toastmasters is a hobby and we all deserve to have fun too.
May your goals be fulfilled and may your clubs be distinguished!

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