March Educational Achievements – Congratulations!


District 91 Educational Achievements for March

Somehow the time to celebrate the monthly educational achievements in District 91 seems to come around ever faster!  So it’s just as well I enjoy the process of looking at the growing list of names and recognising the achievements of our members.  Just today I looked at my own educational achievements and I realised (not for the first time) that I’ve come a long way.  I never would have been able to do it without the support of my fellow Toastmasters so this month, while recognising the achievements of our members, I also recognise the valuable role all members play in supporting one another.  It’s what keeps me hooked 🙂

Member Award Club Name
Birch, Stephen ACS Malvern Speakers
Brett, Ian CC Bromley Speakers
Buckridge, Martin CC Cardiff Toastmasters
Callaway, Ruth M. CC Cardiff Toastmasters
Cardoza, Bindu ACB Cardiff Toastmasters
Chamberlain, Dean ACB Hamwic Speakers
D’Agostini, Maud CL Sytel Reply Toastmasters
Darroch, Frances CC Riverside Communicators
Frances, Coralie ACG HOD Speakers Club
Goffin, Louise CL FM Global Communicators
Johnson, Caroline CL Voice of Wales
Jones, Andrew ACB Cardiff Toastmasters
Kaye, Shola ACB Grosvenor Square Club
Kettlewell, Julia ACB Grosvenor Square Club
Laney, Jenny CC Meridian Speakers Club
McIntosh, Caroline CC Swan Speakers
Mooraby, Faisal ALB Thamesdown Speakers Club
Perry, Tessa ACS Cardiff Toastmasters
Petermann, Nadine CL WIBF Speakers-City Club
Petrovic, Zaklina CC Chiltern Speakers Club
Sawhney, Rajeev CC Maidenhead Speakers Club
Skelton, Brian CL Kings Cross Speakers
Spencer, Daniel CL Imperial College Speakers
Swift, Carrie CL Bloomsbury Speakers
Szécsényi, Blanka CL 1st London Toastmasters
Tilley, Darren CC Thamesdown Speakers Club
Varholak, Peter ALB PMI UK Toastmasters Club
Witchell, Linda ACB Ferndown Speakers
Yip, Wan Chun Sally CL London Cardinals Club

I would also like to make special mention of those members who have registered three educational awards in the same Toastmasters year:

Meg Heyworth  Mark Lottig
Andy O’Sullivan Max Ridder-Patrick
David Salamons Jill Segal
Shola Kaye  Taha Sharieff
Brian Skelton

Many congratulations to you all!



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