Media Room at the District Conference

During the conference a Media Room will be set up. The purpose is to allow members to come along and film a short promotion clip for their club. This will be a piece to camera, which will be edited to a 3-5 minute media file for use by your club and the District, to promote your club on websites and social media. Interested?


How it will work?
  • 15-minute time slots will be available for you to book in advance.
  • The filming is limited to one member per club. If you are a member of two or more clubs and want to do this for all your clubs then a slot for each will need to be booked
  • This is a club promotional piece, what do you want to say about your club?
  • The camera person will work with you to film the piece you have prepared.
  • Prepare your script in advance, you won’t necessarily read from it, but it will help focus the message.  (If you have access to the Public Relations Manual and Communicating on Video Manual this will help you.)
Keep the structure simple
  • Top and tail with a thought through intro and outro
  • For the main body consider, using of past, present and future rule of three, i.e. why you joined, what you’ve gained from being a member of the club (and organisation) and why you are still a member, what’s next for you at this club.
  • Jotting down information to one line, you’ll find that you’ll bring a punchy message, plus you can cover more information.
  • The outro is then your wrap up, mention your club name, website address and social media names in this.
  • And smile!

Volunteers to assist with the management of the Media Room and to book your slot, please contact District PR Manager, Helena Brewer

After the conference, the edited media files, with Toastmasters branding added, will be delivered to District PR Manager for distribution to your clubs.

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