Meet A Toastmaster: Charlie Warshawski

Multiple contests winner

Charlie Warshawski
Charlie Warshawski

The Reigate Rhetoric

What is your name, home club and contest you won?

Charlie Warshawski, The Reigate Rhetoric. I have got to the Division final in the International Speech Contest and the Humorous speech contest, the District final in the Evaluation contest.

What is your secret? / Why do you think you won?

Not sure if it is a secret! Following the process of practice, speak, receive feedback, improve. Always thinking of things from the perspective of what the audience may want to hear, more than what I may want to say. Thinking about the overall experience of the competition, and wanting to be/sound/say different things from fellow competitors.

Why would you recommend someone to participate in the Toastmasters speech contest?

It is a great way to advance our speaking skills in a relatively safe environment. Knowing we will be competing against other people may cause anxiety, but it may also encourage a stretch. It helps shift us out of the comfort of our own clubs. And mostly, it helps us find the speaking voice we are all looking for.

What is your next challenge?

For some time my challenge has been to improve my humorous speaking skills, so that is my area of focus.