Membership building awards

membership building awardsEvery year we have membership building activities which result in awards!  The Smedley Award runs from 1 August to 30 September. Congratulations to the 21 clubs who achieved a 2015 Smedley Award. You have brought in members who will gain the benefits of increased confidence, communication and leadership skills over the coming months and years.

Clubs which sign up 5 new, dual or reinstated members receive an award including a ribbon for the club banner and a 10% discount on the next club order from the Toastmasters shop.

You can read more about membership building awards at:

The next membership building award will be Talk Up Toastmasters from 1 February to 31 March 2016.

Division/Area New Member number
St Pauls Speakers L 33 5
Holborn Speakers
L 34 9
LBS Public Speaking Club
L 47 8
Canary Wharf Communicators
K31 13
Speakers of Croydon
K35 5
Croydon Communicators
K35 6
Broadgate Speakers
K58 5
Meridian Speakers
K59 6
Lewisham Speakers
K59 5
Berkhamsted Speakers
J4 5
Gloucester Speakers
J22 5
Wessex Speakers
J46 5
Basingstoke Speakers
J46 6
Northavon Speakers
J62 6
Armada Speakers
J62 5
Woking Speakers
H14 5
London Cardinals
B8 5
London Victorians
B8 5
London Athenians
B29 7
Covent Garden Speakers
B45 6
City Limits Speakers
B45 5

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