News from Finance Manager, Meg Heyworth

Assistance to Division and Areas for venue hire

Meg Heyworth Finance Manager

Subject to approval of the District budget by Toastmasters International, District 91 will pay up to £100 towards venue hire by Areas for the purpose of Club Officer Training.


Clubs should not have to pay for their officers to be trained, since it is a requirement of the role, so it seems reasonable to assist Areas with this cost. The reason for the cap and not paying for venue hire entirely is to ensure spending is controlled and that Areas are creative with respect to how they spend money. The District is custodian of our members’ funds and we have a responsibility to manage this resource carefully.

Again subject to approval by TI, District 91 will also pay up to £100 for venue hire by Divisions for the purpose of Division Contests.


Area contests are smaller events than Division Contests, so correspondingly smaller venues are required. A club could sponsor the event by hosting it and costs can be recovered by charging a small amount for people to attend. Please note that contestants must not be charged for attendance at a contest at which they are competing.

Division contests are generally much larger events, hence the extra assistance, but costs can still be recouped by charging attendees.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner