The Road To Washington

Alex De Jong
Alex De Jong

On Saturday 23 July there will be four International Speech District Champions, two Eye-Opening Workshops, plus a feedback session with the best of Toastmasters straight to you!

“Road to Washington” will be taking place on Saturday 23rd July in London.

Venue Change to MLP London Bridge Speakers

As demand and attendees for the event has now exceeded the capacity of the original venue, the location will change to the home of MLP London Bridge Speakers: Ernst and Young (EY), 1 More London Place, Riverside, London, SE1 2AF. 

This will be a much larger space and be much more comfortable, especially if the sunny weather continues throughout the weekend.

Sounds exciting. What’s the next step?

Earlybird tickets are available at for £16.99. The first 15 ticket buyers to use the code 15OFF at checkout will receive a 15% discount on ticket sales, so don’t delay, buy today!

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What can you expect?

  • Take part in an Evaluation Masterclass by Ga Lok Chung, (2016 District 91 Speech Evaluation champion).
  • World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist, Olivia Schofield, one of the top female speakers on the planet will be giving a workshop on Energy,  A speakers secret weaponHow to create it, control it, and channel it. You’ll turbo charge your stage performance and learn how to turn nervous energy into focused energy by harnessing visualisation techniques.
  • Enjoy outstanding semi-finals and finals speeches by four European District Champions (Daniel Mouque, Simon Scriver, Lazslo Scucz, and Thien Trang Nyugen Phan) to be delivered at the World Championship of Public Speaking in Washington.
  • Tons of opportunities for speech analysis of our 4 world-class speeches.
  • Participate in a feedback session moderated by Alex de Jong (2015 District 91 Speech Evaluation Champion).
  • Meet and greet with the finalists to share your take on their speeches.

Where and When? 

Road to Washington will take place in London on Saturday 23rd July, be there at 1:45pm for Networking with an event start at 2pm until 6pm.

We’ve booked Ernst and Young (EY), 1 More London Place, Riverside, London, SE1 2AF.


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