Pathways Update – January 2018

We now have a target launch date for Pathways in District 91 – 20th March 2018!

The reason I say “target” launch date is because we first have to provide members with pre-launch information. Your club will be getting a visit from one of our excellent Pathways Guides and Pathways Ambassadors in the coming weeks to deliver the club’s roll out kit and show members how to access Pathways. We have to complete at least 70% of those club visits to trigger the launch.

Look out for details of your club’s Pathways visit, and in the meantime have a look at the information on our D91 website and on the Toastmasters International website.

Pathways Guides and Ambassadors will also be providing support to your Club Officers for several months after roll out and we are holding a drop in clinic at the Spring Conference. There will be plenty of help and advice for members as you embark on the new Learning Paths. For those working on current awards, there will be a 2 year transition period up to June 2020 during which you can work on both programmes. New members joining on or after 20th March will go straight onto Pathways.

Once Pathways has rolled out we will be looking for volunteers to share their experiences on video for posting on our website and social media. Contact me if you want to be one of those stars!

Andy Hammond

D91 Program Quality Director

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