Planning for next year already? District Director update…

It’s a wild, windy and wet morning in late January and yet, last night, I found myself speaking about preparing for the transition to next Toastmasters year in July.  Doug New, our newest Division Director wanted my suggestions, and this is what I shared…

What would we do differently?

Firstly, it’s worth each of us who are in formal and informal leadership positions thinking back to when we were just starting in our roles.  What were the surprises?  What are the things we would do differently if we had another chance?  Let’s capture them now while we still remember them, so we can share them with our successors.

Positive Impact

Secondly, think about the one thing that you could do between now and the end of the TM year that could really have a positive impact on your fellow members, your club, your area, your division or your district.  It could be anything from improving the information pack your guests get when they visit your club to kicking off a Saturday club near where you live.  The opportunities are endless, and there’s one that would energise us as individuals as well as make a difference to our organisation.

Consider The Future

Thirdly, consider the future.  Of course I want each club, area, division and the district to be distinguished (if not presidents distinguished!) this year, but what about beyond that?  What can we do to ensure that we are not just successful in this year, but that our successors, and their successors achieve great things too. What, for example, are we doing to identify, encourage and develop the leaders of our future?  What else could each of us do to raise awareness now, so more people know we are here to be found when they need us later?


I am hoping the weather will be better when we switch over to the next TM year in July.  Either way, I am sure we will all leave a strong legacy behind when we focus on these three things – briefing our successors, doing one thing to make our TM world strong and setting up the future for success.

Jean Gamester, 27 January 2015

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