Successful Speech Contest

From Andy O’Sullivan, D91 Chief Judge

How You Can Have a Successful Speech Contest

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to organise a speech contest, you’ll appreciate there’s a lot to arrange with many roles to fill.

These few simple steps will avoid any problems and ensure it’s a success.

Contestant Eligibility

Do Toastmasters International records show that every contestant is a fully paid up member?

If a contestant’s membership isn’t registered with Toastmasters International, they can’t compete.  

Fees may have been given to the club, but unless they’ve been paid and recorded with Toastmasters, the member isn’t eligible to compete in any contest.

Every contest season, members excited to have won a contest, are disappointed to discover their membership fees haven’t been paid to Toastmasters International, so they’re disqualified.

It’s not a phone call you’ll want to make, so always check before the contests by emailing the constestants details to . 

International Speech Contest

Must have completed at least speech 6 to be eligible to enter the contest.


At Area and above, members need to have completed speech 6 to be eligible to judge the contest. 

Evaluation Contest

All members are encouraged to compete in the Evaluation contest as there are no eligibility criteria.


Your one stop for all the resources for a contest (forms, step-by-step guides, even training videos) can be found here.

Contests are a wonderful way to stretch your skills while supporting our Toastmasters colleagues. 

Have fun!

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