Toastmasters Year End Tips #2

Here is the second of our series of Year End Tips for all our leaders.  We both hope that they will be helpful to both outgoing and incoming leadership teams.

Finishing off this Toastmasters Year in Style

Membership Growth – Your District Needs You!

At the beginning of this week, we were a Distinguished District and we had just welcomed in Tech Data as our newest club in Area 46. Today, as I write, we are Select Distinguished and have achieved the President’s Distinguished Goal for Club Growth.  We have had some great membership growth this week– 116 new members, including a new charter club – welcome to Payments People also in Area 46!

We are getting close – we need to register every new member and encourage them to join up this month to achieve our goal of President’s Distinguished District with 90% of our clubs being distinguished.

You can keep track of how we are doing together both on our website and on the Toastmasters International dashboard.

Beat the Clock with Special Year End Events

We were delighted to see that clubs like Data Science Speakers have run a special “Beat the Clock” award event to invite in new members.  Well done DSS!  We are now displaying details of the 11 clubs so far that have added to add five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between May 1 and June 30 in our Hall of FameIs your club here yet?

We would love hear more stories of clubs running their special year end meeting where you invite past members and guests to return and celebrate the year’s success with you.

Distinguished Plus

Well done to everyone on the progress this week – we are now at 100 distinguished clubs with a massive 22 clubs already President’s distinguished.  Well done all!

One story I would love to share with you – great news from Wokingham Speakers Club President Mell Sheppard.

“Wokingham Speakers just achieved 10 DCP points. We set a goal at the start of the year to achieve 10 and at our last session in June we made it. We’re really excited as not only did we pull together really hard as a team to do it, we also are only 3 years old and to get to that point as such a young Club is really great”

Are you struggling to find the speech slots to get those final speeches onto your club’s programme?  Why not run a special speechathon event so everyone who has just one more speech to do, can deliver that speech and finish the year with pride?


Getting Ready for Next Year

AGMs and Elections

Last week we talked about club officer elections – which is the only way club officers can be put in place for the new year. See here for the report from London Victorians of their AGM.

If you need guidance on how to run an AGM, check out the club leadership handbook or ask your area director for help.  And don’t forget to submit those officer lists on club central on the Toastmasters website.

Club Officer Training

Division and Area Directors all over the district are putting in their final plans for Club Officer Training, to help all club officers learn from each other and plan for success for next TM year.  Can you achieve the “COT Challenge”, get the people covering all 7 of your club officer roles trained and receive club officer pins from the district in recognition?

This year, 6 clubs managed to get a full 7 officers trained – 3 in the first half of the year and 3 in the second.  They were Women in Banking and Finance, Purley Speakers, Kings Cross Speakers, Wessex Speakers, Discovery Soapbox and Deutsche Bank.  How many can you achieve this year?


What will your message be to your successor to show them your support and give them guidance?  See this example from one President to another – US Presidents that is…

 We hope these tips are useful to you.  Do let us know if there is any other help that would be useful this month to end the year with success and kick off a brilliant 2016 17.


Jean Gamester and Vanessa King

Your Outgoing and Incoming District Directors

District 91, UK South

Toastmasters International

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