Star Performers

Just as club have a Distinguished Club Program to recognise the achievements of clubs in serving their members, Districts also have a District Recognition Program.

Divine Divisions

We have an excellent group of leaders in our district and I’m pleased to say that all 5 of our divisions have achieved Select Distinguished Division or better.

In particular, we celebrate the achievement of Neil Coleman, Division B Director. All seven of his areas have achieved Distinguished or better.


Congratulations also to our other Division Directors on their achievements:

Richard-Blackman-150x150 Richard Blackman, Division J Director, President’s Distinguished Division

Barry-Greenan-150x150 Barry Greenan, Division L Director, President’s Distinguished Division

 Doug New, Division H Director, Select Distinguished Division

Samir-Malak-portrait-200x300 Samir Malak, acting Division K Director, Select Distinguished Division

Awesome Areas

The following areas have achieved something very special. Excellence means doing more than the minimum required for recognition and the following Area Directors have certainly done that because 100% of their clubs have achieved Distinguished or better:

Julia-Kettlewell-150x150 Julia Kettlewell, Area 52

dawn-rowlatt-150x150 Dawn Rowlatt, Area 32

Laura-McHarrie Laura McHarrie, Area 42

Peter-Varholak-150x150 Peter Varholak, Area 58

Nick-Bailey-150x150 Nick Bailey, Area 21, plus one new club

Dudley Flynn, Area 47, plus one new club which is also distinguished!

David-Salamons-B45-Area-Director-150x150 David Salamons, Area 45, plus two new clubs

Last Updated on 7th September 2020 by Susan Rayner