Annual Awards 2022/2023

Showcasing dedication and exceptional service

Every year the District recognises members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service with annual awards.

Area Director of the Year

Alistair Driscoll

Alistair Driscoll

Division Director of the Year

Emily McQuillen

Emily McQuillen

District Director's Award

Amy Jones

Amy Jones

Look out for out Hall of Fame event on Sunday 30th July to celebrate more exceptional Toastmasters!

Toastmaster of the Year

Christopher Boden

Communication & Leadership Award

Dr Samantha Tross

District Mission Award

Bonnie Wong

New Clubs (Pioneer Award)

Dr Martens Toastmasters

PA Consulting London

LHH Toastmasters

KPMG Kommunicators

Wealth CDIO Toastmasters

Toast Titans

Phoenix Award

Winchmore Hill Speakers

JPMC – London-Glasgow Toastmasters Club  F.K.A Bank Street Speakers

PR Awards

Cristina Plamadeala

Marijana Bosnjak

New Member recognition

Laura Autumn Cox – Best Newcomer

Stephen Saunders

Gabriel Cedismondi

Maud D’Agostini

Club Excellence

Bloomberg London Toastmasters  – Corporate Club of the Year

City of London Toastmasters – Community Club of the Year

The Speakers of Croydon

Kent Speakers