As district leaders, we part of Toastmasters International, an organisation with a noble mission: to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

Serving as a district leader is a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity. It is filled with chances to renew your perspective, practice teamwork, and develop your capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions.

Our leadership team for 2023 – 2024 are:

District Leadership Team

District Director Diane Richardson

Diane Richardson
District Director

Program Quality Director Steve Vear

Steve Vear MBE DTM
Program Quality Director

Club Growth Director Mo Dawodu

Mo Dawodu
Club Growth Director

Public Relations Manager Nikita Parks

Nikita Parks DTM
Public Relations Manager

Finance Manager Valerija Slavina

Valerija Slavina
Finance Manager

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Janet Alkema DTM
Administration Manager

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Immediate Past District Director Rupa Datta

Rupa Datta
Immediate Past District Director

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Division Directors

Division A

Division Director Andy Righi

Andy Righi
Division Director

Division B

Division Director Luca Graziani

Luca Graziani
Division Director

Division C

Division Director Erika Oteri

Erika Oteri
Division Director

Division D

Russell Searle
Division Director

Division H

Division Director Guler Cortis

Guler Cortis
Division Director

Division J

Division Director Andy Hessey

Andy Hessey DTM
Division Director

Division K

Division Director Nick Ronald

Nick Ronald
Division Director

Division L

Division Director Sean Dean

Sean Dean
Division Director