District Success Plan

Every year, the District Leadership Team creates a District Success Plan to meet the objectives of the District Recognition Programme and the District Mission of “building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence”.

The District Success Plan is a strategic document aimed at achieving set goals such as building 15 new clubs or supporting 80% of the District’s clubs in achieving Distinguished status. The strategies outlined in the document, typically form part of wider-ranging strategic plans such as a Marketing Plan, Excellence Plan or PR & Communications Plan. Possible actions deriving from the District Success Plan include the launch of incentives like the 20+80 challenge, extra training for Club & District leaders or launching external marketing campaigns.

Toastmasters International issues guidance to help all District Leadership Teams come up with effective strategies to include in their District Success Plan. This strategic guide was actually developed with significant inputs from past and present District 91 leaders.

The annual District Budget supports the implementation of the District Success Plan and the District executive Committee is ultimately responsible for the plan’s successful execution. Copies of the District 91 Success Plans for the current and previous years can be found below.

2023-24 District Success Plan & Budget

2022-23 District Success Plan & Budget

2021-22 District Success Plan & Budget

2020-21 District Success Plan & Budget

2019-20 District Success Plan & Budget

2018-19 District Success Plan & Budget

2017-18 District Success Plan & Budget